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What is the NSW Vinnies Community Sleepout?

NSW Vinnies Community Sleepouts gives local residents and community groups the opportunity to join together and make a positive difference to their community, providing insight into the complex issues people experiencing homelessness face.

How can you make a difference to homelessness?

Communities in NSW are uniquely placed to help shape and influence awareness and opinions around the issue of homelessness. The Vinnies Community Sleepout will help to connect group members to their local community through raising awareness about the issues that people experiencing homelessness face. The shared experience will contribute positively to the development of your local community by helping people to recognise situations that could lead to family crisis.

Funds raised through the Vinnies Community Sleepout contribute to our important work. The Society's members and volunteers help over 540,000 people in need every year, but our work relies on donations from community groups and the public.

We would be delighted to have your community group join with Vinnies through this event.

Download your ten step guide to hosting a Vinnies Community Sleepout here.


Top Individuals

  • Eliza Huolohan Eliza Huolohan Fundraising $2,570.00
  • Balmain Care for Kids Nursery Balmain Care for Kids Nursery $2,205.00
  • Fabien & Severine DELERUE Fabien & Severine $1,973.00
  • Lynette Kennedy Lyn Kennedy $732.40
  • Miles Abrahams Vinnies Community Sleepout $694.00

Top Teams

  • Kelly Paget Broken Bay WYD Vinnies Community Sleepout $3,650.00
  • Kelly Paget Youth Of Broken Bay Vinnies Community Sleepout $3,475.98
  • Wendy Middleton Argyle Housing $2,890.40
  • Marie Marjanac Lithgow Vinnies Community Sleepout $2,586.25
  • Marie Marjanac St Patrick's Parish, Lithgow $2,425.80