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What is the Vinnies Community Sleepout?

Vinnies Community Sleepouts gives local residents and community groups the opportunity to join together and make a positive difference to their community, providing insight into the complex issues people experiencing homelessness face.


Please contact Vinnies NSW on

02 9568 0262

or at events@vinnies.org.au





Top Individuals

  • Eliza Huolohan Eliza Huolohan Fundraising $2,570.00
  • Isabella Leyten Balmain Care For Kids $2,548.10
  • Balmain Care for Kids Nursery Balmain Care for Kids Nursery $2,205.00
  • Fabien & Severine DELERUE Fabien & Severine $1,973.00
  • Lions Club Deniliquin Lions Club $1,772.50

Top Teams

  • Tamara Sefton Deniliquin Vinnies Sleep-Out $18,344.97
  • Andrea Andres Western Sydney $8,171.54
  • Kelly Paget Broken Bay WYD Vinnies Community Sleepout $3,650.00
  • Kelly Paget Youth Of Broken Bay Vinnies Community Sleepout $3,475.98
  • Andrea Andres Maitland $2,995.60