Online Fundraising


What is the Vinnies Community Sleepout?

Event Organiser

The St Vincent de Paul Society is legally required to approve and authorise all
volunteer fundraising activities. Once your event is approved, the Society will provide
you with a letter confirming your legal authority to fundraise on behalf of the Society.
This is issued following a receipt and approval of your fundraising application.It is necessary that you register your event to ensure your compliance with fundraising legislation.


The St Vincent de Paul Society does not provide public liability insurance for fundraisers. You should consider insurance for your community sleepout event in order to ensure that you and the participants are protected. We suggest that you find a suitable venue which is already covered by public liability insurance.


Please note that your event will not be a St Vincent de Paul Society event, rather it is an event to raise funds for donations to the St Vincent de Paul Society. If you would like to use the St Vincent de Paul Society logo on any promotional materials, you must obtain prior written approval from the St Vincent de Paul Society.


If you take photos of people from your event, it is your responsibility to obtain prior written approval from the person/s in the photographs to publish them publicly via any media channel.  It is also your responsibility to keep the written consent records on file. Please contact your local  Vinnies Team for a media consent form template if you need one.


Event Participants

You acknowledge that you participate at your own risk and that you are not, to the best of your knowledge, suffering from a condition which would prevent and/or render you unfit to participate in the Event.You agree to take all reasonable measures to portect yourself from the risks of participation.


You acknowledge and understand this event is a serious event and not a party. This event will be alcohol and drug free.


You agree to not invite any unregistered guests to attend this event.


You acknowledge responsibility for your own belongings and valuables on the night.


You agree not to leave the designated venue for the duration of the event.

Top Individuals

  • Arthur Chapman Arthur Chapman - Amelie Housing $6,158.05
  • Ivan Reolon Ivan Reolon $5,164.77
  • Isabella Leyten Balmain Care For Kids $4,651.80
  • Gerard Connolly Gerard Connolly $4,498.50
  • Larry Hegarty Larry Hegarty $4,264.90

Top Teams

  • Andrea Andres Western Sydney $67,002.06
  • Tamara Sefton Deniliquin Vinnies Sleep-Out $19,208.92
  • Andrea Andres Wagga Sleepout $12,386.40
  • Andrea Andres Maitland $10,824.54
  • Andrea Andres OLMC Varroville $9,246.36